We offer in-house Legal English Seminars in South Africa upon request.

Why South Africa?  

Attending a seminar in South Africa has the following advantages:

1. More effective learning environment.
2. English speaking environment.
3. Beautiful venues with the charm of Africa and five-star comfort.
4. Easily reached with an overnight flight.
5. Professional training with a native English speaking lawyer.
6. Contact with local lawyers and guest speakers.

 1. More effective learning environment

Your mind retains information better when you are able to create vivid memorable images. With this change from Europe to Africa you are immediately far away in another world. It is exactly this experience that we wish to create as all your senses are activated, your imagination and creativity is awakened, and your mind is sharpened. In such an environment you are able to learn and retain information more effectively. Therefore, we offer the seminars in specially selected venues which provide an ideal opportunity for you to escape from your daily routine and step into a new adventure. The great venues convey a feeling of tranquillity and calmness, which also help to create a relaxed atmosphere where you can ideally train your skills. A unique and productive learning environment is thereby created, which will help you to retain the skills and knowledge gained during the seminar.

After the seminar your mind will continually return to the beautiful images stored there and the seminar content will also be retained far more easily. Our memory is activated by images and experiences. The stronger the images and experiences are the more likely it is that you will retain something. Do you still remember the bar in Frankfurt from your last seminar? Do you have trouble recalling when it was and what it was about? Your African adventure is sure to linger in your mind.


2. English speaking environment

The English speaking environment enhances the learning effect and helps the participants to totally immerse themselves in the programme. It is also possible to offer a seminar with similar content in a hotel in Frankfurt. The difference is that there you are still exposed to everything familiar; you speak to the waiter in German, read the German newspaper, and watch television in your room. You are still in a familiar environment. Either you can attend such a seminar and spend the evening in the hotel bar discussing local issues, or you can escape into a different world where you can relax at the end of the day watching elephants drinking at a watering hole, or just listening to the sounds of the African bush.


3. Beautiful venues with the charm of Africa and five-star comfort

Imagine how relaxing an evening is sitting outside under the African sky after an intensive day of training, watching animals drinking at a watering hole, or merely looking out over the African bush. You are immediately thousands of miles away from your daily routine and office stress. You find yourself in another world.


4. Easy access with an overnight flight

An added advantage is that the location is ideal. There is no time difference and there are direct flights daily from Frankfurt to Cape Town. You can fly out from Frankfurt on Friday evening and land in Africa on Saturday morning.


5. Professional training with a native English speaking lawyer.

Together with the professional training that you will receive from a qualified lawyer, we wish to offer an unforgettable experience that will benefit you professionally.


6. Contact with local lawyers and guest speakers.

We also have local guest speakers and we offer the opportunity to build up contacts with members of the legal profession in South Africa.